• Lose Weight Naturally with herbal formula

    Effortless, Safe and effective weight loss Program

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  • Effortless, Safe and effective weight loss Program

    Its Unique and Different

    Based on medical principles and not on calorie management | Loses weight permanently, No fear of regaining | There is a powder of Herbs and spices "Aakaar" which is to be consumed twice a day with your meal.

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  • lose your weight

    No Dieting and Exercise needed

    As such they never help permanently. Calorie management is not a permanent remedy for weight loss. It just help temporarily.

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weightloss pills

No Exercise

Though you can exercise for overall fitness but no relation with weight loss

weight loss pills that work

No Dieting

Eat whatever you want

weight loss pills that work

No Medicine

There is a powder of Herbs and spices " Aakaar" which is to be consumed twice a day with your meal.

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Remarks by Users

I was 85 kgs & Always focused on calories. .1hrs gym everyday. But could not loose weight. Finally I came across "Ezy slim Clinic" & tried their "MBCC program". In 3 months I lost 13kgs. Now I am very happy.
Harsh Bhalla, New Delhi

I am a food lover person. If I get tasty food, I usually overeat. My this habit landed me in a serious trouble of obesity & I touched 100 kgs. Still I was not able to control my over eating habit. But my doctor advised me to lose weight any how else I will be having some serious health issues soon. Now I was in tension. Started going gym..but discontinued because I was least interested in gym activities. Dieting was not possible for me. One fine day, one of my friend told me about "Aakaar" herbs and spices formula which helps to loose weight without any dieting & exercise. Though I didn't believe initially but decided to start. & surprisingly I lost 19 kgs. The best part is that- I kept enjoyong my loving food items. Even didn't compromised on quantity part. Its amazing. Realy not less than a wonder.
Vivek Ranjan, Ranchi (Jharkhand)

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I am a 23years old unmarried girl. My weight was 68 kgs. & according to my height, it was 10 kgs extra. I was in tension about my marriage. So I wanted to loose that extra few kgs. One day I came to know about "Aakaar" herbs and spices through one of my uncle. & I too started. Now I am so happy as all extra kgs gone now & my height & eeight ratio is in healthy range. Thanks to Ezy Slim Clinic.
Prerna, Saharanpur (UP)

After delivery, my weight couldn't come down to my earlier weight. I became 16 kgs over weight. Dieting was not allowed as I was a lactating mother. I was searching on Google, whether any program is there which can help to loose weight without dieting. & I found ezy slim clinic. I went through the website & got excited to start the program. With their "Aakaar" herbs and spices formula, I could loose 12 kgs in 3 months that too with absolutely no dieting & no exercise. A biggggggg thanks to ezy slim clinic.
Sudha Sharma, Indore (MP)

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One of my friend told me about aakaar herbs & spices. I started the program & lost 8 kgs in just 45 days. I am still on the program. & hopefully I will lose all extra kgs with this program. I salute to ezy slim clinic for developing such a nice formula which helps people to lose weight by increasing Metabolism instead of exercise and dieting. Great invention.!!
Hanumanth, Pune (Maharashtra)

I am working in a mnc as software engineer. I used to travel a lot due to my job.so most of the time I have to eat food oust side only. & there I see availability of high calories items mostly. So due to this gradually I gained weight. My job routine dose not allow me to go for exercise or yoga. I wanted to lose weight but how. With present routine it was almost impossible. Finally, aakaar herbs and spices helps me to lose weight without disturbing or changing my routine. I still travel..I still eat out side..but I lost weight. I just mix aakaar herbs and spices sachets in my food twice a day & that's it. KUDOS to ezy slim clinic.
Ajay Rastogi, Mumbai(Maharashtra)

My wife was obese (91 kgs). We tried many way to bring her in normal weight & shape but all in vain. My uncle suggested me to try aakaar herbs and spices. I tried it & got a good result. My wife could lose 8 kgs in 2 months. Still program is on, & surely she will achieve her target weight. Ezy slim Clinic ko bahut bahut Dhanyvad.
Akhilesh, Muzaffarnagar (UP)

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I was 105 kgs. Tried many ways like salad diet, gym exercise, morning walking /running, purchased many machines also to loose weight (which I saw on tv like Ab King Pro, Ab Twister etc), some calories management products also. But couldn't lose even 2 kgs. My medical parameters (bp, sugar & cholesterol etc) also started crossing the healthy range. I was realy tensed. Any how I wanted to lose weight. I never understood why I gained weight.? I used to eat very normal diet. ( morning- 2 roti, noon- 4 roti & in night 3 roti ). Where as I noticed some of my friends used to eat almost 3 times than my diet & they are very thin..fit..& enjoying every food or party. I met a person in train who suggested me to try ezy slim clinic's Aakaar herbs and spices formula. Unwillingly I started because I had lost the hope by now. But it changed my life & look. I lost 25 kgs in just aprox 5 mobths. I became so happy. I checked my medical parameters, that too are now in healthy range (In fact ideal). Thanks will be a very small word for ezy slim clinic. I want to salute them. Hats off to them.
Dr. Satya Tyagi, Pune (Maharashtra)

I tried aakaar herbs and spices & lost 13 kgs in 3 months. Feeling very light..energetic. No weaknesses as I didn't made any compromise on my diet. Realy fantastic technique to loose weight.
Ashok, Ambala (Hariyana)

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I was suffering with obesity since last 15 years. Nothing was working on me. Doctor was thinking about thyroid problem but it was also ok. Finally I came across aakaar herbs and spices. I tried it & amazingly lost 28 kgs in 7 months. Thanks ezy slim clinic for changing my look & life.
Vijay Varghish, Bangalore (Karnatka)

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"Eating healthy nutritious food is the simple and right solution to get rid of excess body weight effortlessly and become slim and healthy forever."
-Subodh Gupta, 7 habits of skinny woman
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