• Lose Weight Naturally with herbal formula

    Effortless, Safe and effective weight loss Program

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  • Effortless, Safe and effective weight loss Program

    Its Unique and Different

    Based on medical principles and not on calorie management | Loses weight permanently, No fear of regaining | There is a powder of Herbs and spices "Aakaar" which is to be consumed twice a day with your meal.

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  • lose your weight

    No Dieting and Exercise needed

    As such they never help permanently. Calorie management is not a permanent remedy for weight loss. It just help temporarily.

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weightloss pills

No Exercise

Though you can exercise for overall fitness but no relation with weight loss

weight loss pills that work

No Dieting

Eat whatever you want

weight loss pills that work

No Medicine

There is a powder of Herbs and spices " Aakaar" which is to be consumed twice a day with your meal.

weightloss program in India


Q No 1- Is it a guaranteed weight loss program..?

Ans- This program has worked successfully for a large no of people, nearly 95% of people who tried. So hopefully must work for you too if you follow the simple guidance. The success of program actually depends on your discipline, commitment and seriousness.

Q No 2- What kind of food one can have with this program..?

Ans- We do not restrict to eat any food, you can eat what so ever you want (Including fast food or sweets). only thing you must eat that in an approved manner. A printed user guide will come with the "aakaar" pack which will guide you to make your own food plan as per your choice and daily routine. once your food plan is ready, you email it to us for approval. Dr or His team will assist you to ,make correction if required. "Aakaar" Herbs & Spice + Approved food Plan brings good result.

Q No 3- Can We stop consuming "Aakaar" Herbs & Spices after we achieve our target weight?

Ans- Yes. You can. No Need to consume "Aakaar " Herbs & Spices after you achieve your desired weight. Only thing, keep following your approved food plan.

Q No- 4- Can I achieve zero figure with your Program..?

Ans- No, we do not advocate for zero figure. weight loss will be gradual & in an healthy manner. After a certain point it will stop losing and there will not be any further loss of weight.

Q No 5- Is it a safe product..? Is there any side effect..? I am unmarried, will it cause any hormonal changes & affects pregnancy after marriage?

Ans- "Aakaar" Herbs & spices is 100% natural. absolutely no side effect. Its manufactured under concerned Govt Agency's Licence. It does not have any secret or harmful ingredient. "Aakaar " Herbs & Spices does not affect to our hormones or related things. Yeah...only one side effect is there, You have to spend money for buying new cloths.

Q No 6- I want to meet Doctor Personally before starting the program..? Is it necessary to meet the Dr. personally for starting this program..?

Ans- Absolutely no need to meet the Dr. Although Dr can not be everywhere. User Guide is very much helpful. Instructions of this program are so simple. Just making your food plan & taking approval of that food plan is the only thing you have to do. If you have any question or query, you can email to Dr. directly on - dr@ezyslimclinic.com

Q No 7- I Have Hormonal / Thyroid Problem..? Will it work for me..?

Ans- Please be informed, weight does not increase due to hormonal problem rather hormonal problem starts due to increased weight. Our program will work for all including hormonal problem / thyroid problem or PCOD problem.

Q No 8- Why "Aakaar" Herbs & Spices is not available at any shop or medical store in the market & one has to place order only through online channel..?

Ans- "Aakaar" Herbs & Spices is not a weight loss medicine. So just buying & consuming it wont bring the result. Person needs a special counselling & Guidance and that is possible only if he is connected to us. That is why "Aakaar" herbs & spices is available through our online clinic only so that we can get connected to every person who ever so wants to starts our weight loss program.

Q No 9- I want to loose weight only from tummy and hips & not from any other area, Is that possible..? after delivery, my stomach region has become very loose, will that also become all right..?

Ans- Yess. "Aakaar" Herbs & Spices formula + approved food plan targets the areas in 1st phase where more fat is accumulated. Please be informed, after delivery abdominal muscles gets loose which will need abdominal exercises to tone up. Our program can lose the fat but can not tone up the muscles.

Q No 10 - After how many days i will notice the changes in my shape or weight..?

Ans- It differs person to person and since how long one has deposited the fat. Usually after 5th week, you will start noticing the changes as cloths will start getting loosen. also person starts feeling lighter and energetic.

Q No 11- Will I get any other health benefit too along with weight loss..?

Ans- Yesssss, Health benefit of losing weight are enormous - better sugar control with lesser drugs, healthy BP level, healthy lipid profile ( Cholesterol), peaceful sleep, less snoring & less pain in joints etc.

Q No 12- Is the "Aakaar" Herbs & Spices Formula vegetarian..?

Ans- Yes Its 100% vegetarian. even no garlic or onion. Suitable for Jains too.

Q No 13 - Is there any age related restriction in your program..? My father is 65 years of age, Having high BP and undergone an angioplasty, will it be beneficial /safe for him too..?

Ans- "Aakaar" Herbs & spices Formula works on all age group people be it a 15 years old or a 80 years old. Restricted only for pregnant ladies. even lactating mother can start the program, its very much safe for her & Her child too.

Q No 14- In last few years, I have tried many ways to lose weight such as gym, dieting, high protein diet, purchased many machines for weight loss and even joined many weight loss center too. but i could not get good result. though i succeeded to lose few kgs but i regained it in no time. How can i be assured that it will work for me..?

Ans- Your all previous attempts to lose weight were based on calories management theory , that is why you regained back , because one can not follow calories management remedies for life long. Our program works on medical principles of Metabolism & Bio Clock correction. we do not advocate for dieting or exercise, means no need of calorie management . you can have your normal diet. If you find that information on home page is scientific & logical, so just give a fair trial to our program.

Q No 15 - Does "Aakaar" Herbs & Spices Contains any medicine or steroids..?

Ans- NO NO. "Aakaar" Herbs and spices is 100% natural and a combination of Herbs & Spices. it does not contains any medicine, ayurvedic medicine or steroids. Please be informed, "Steroids" are used as life saving drugs and as anti inflammatory Hence it has a great importance in medical practice. overuses of steroids will cause weight gain rather than weight loss. steroids are never advised / prescribed by any one in this world for weight loss treatment. our product, "Aakaar" Herbs & Spices is produced under appropriate Govt licence and registered as "FOOD" and not as a "DRUG".

Q No 16- What are the contents of "Aakaar" Herbs & Spices..?

Ans- Coriander, Fenugreek, Bay leaf, Capsicum, Cumin seed, Turmeric, Black Paper, Salt, asafoetida, cloves, rice, cinnamon, start anise and bishop seed. serving size- 2 gm.

Q No 17- What is an online clinic..?

Ans- A place where everything is done through internet only. starting from information about treatment, getting appropriate answer for the question, buying the product and post purchase helps like how to make food plan , how to consume "Aakaar" herbs and spices. There is no physical access to the clinic. Everything through website or email only.

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"Eating healthy nutritious food is the simple and right solution to get rid of excess body weight effortlessly and become slim and healthy forever."
-Subodh Gupta, 7 habits of skinny woman
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